Cumberland Farms Community in Top Grassfield School District

Grassfield High School

When it’s time to move, many families have one priority in common: choosing an area with good schools. Not all public schools are created equal, and educational opportunities in high school determine your children’s preparedness for college and their ability to perform academically and professionally as they grow into adults. The new Cumberland Farms community is located in Grassfield, one of the highest performing school districts in the Chesapeake area. If you're looking for the best education for your teenager, look no further than the Grassfield school district.

What makes a good school?

It's not enough to simply say a school is “good.” In determining which schools are best, we looked at statistics compiled by and The sites create their ratings based on national and state test scores. These scores allow us to see how schools measure up in local areas and across the country.

Grassfield High School stands out

The Cumberland Farms community is located in the Deep Creek area of Chesapeake, Virginia. The community is in the Grassfield school district, home to Grassfield High School. This year, the fully accredited Grassfield High School ranked higher than 97.8% of all Virginia high schools. In the Chesapeake City Public Schools District, it's the number one performing school.

Federally, Grassfield High School is one out of only two Virginia schools to meet all Federal Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs), and is the only school in Chesapeake to do so. In state scores, Grassfield is the star of Chesapeake and much of Virginia. With a math SOL of 92, a science SOL of 96, and a history SOL of 97, Grassfield High School is the highest scoring school in the entire state. With an English SOL of 96, it ties for highest with Hickory High School, also located in the Chesapeake area. Grassfield’s dropout rate of 0.6% is the lowest in the state.

Make a choice for your child's future

Education is more important than ever in today's difficult and competitive economic climate. By enrolling your high school student in a good school, you prepare him or her to face the challenges of our globalized world. The Cumberland Farms community's location in the Grassfield school district offers the best opportunities for your child.